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What is a buddha bowl?


What is a buddha bowl?

 A buddha bowl is a whole lot of healthy goodness that will feed your body lots of energy and all of us could use more energy 😊

Really the main goal of a buddha bowl recipe is to eat as many colors and nutrient dense foods as possible. No two buddha bowls have to be the same, so you can make your Buddha bowl to your taste preferences and get creative!

You really can’t go wrong with the ingredients you pick as long as you have a variety of vegetables a quality grain or starch and quality protein. You do not have to make your bowl Vegetarian or Vegan so if you are eating animal protein make smart choices with organic meats and wild caught fish.

When I build my buddha bowls I use lots of mixed greens and cabbage with red peppers, sweet potato or quinoa (or sometimes both) and I love lentil or sautéed tofu. Chickpeas are a great vegan option as well. My favorite vegetables are Brussel sprouts, zucchini and peppers.

I love to add some fruit to my Buddha Bowl as well. Great options are green apples and mandarin orange.  Top off your bowl with pumpkin seeds or almonds for a healthy fat and remember to use a quality dressing. Olive oil with some lemon and sea salt is light and won’t take away the wonderful flavors of all your ingredients.  Stay away from heavy dressings that are loaded with extra fat and calories!

Buddha Bowls can be great for meal prepping. If you chop up your veggies and store them in the refrigerator you can build your bowl as needed during the week using different protein sources and different add-ins which can keep you from getting “bored” with your bowl.

Using season vegetables is a great way to change up your Buddha Bowl and also support local farmers and shop local.  Remember food is our fuel and our medicine, treat your meal with great respect and your body will feel nourished and protected.

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