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Pantry Makeover

Pantry Makeover

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Pantry Makeover


Great Health Starts on Your Plate and a healthy plate comes from your own kitchen. The fastest way to better health is to create a lifestyle in your own home that supports eating whole foods that are chemical and preservative free. A pantry filled with processed and pre-packaged foods is certainly convenient but ultimately will cause a real major inconvenience which is POOR health. 


Living a healthy lifestyle is easier when you have the knowledge of what ingredients and cooking methods are best for you and your family and how to stock your pantry with the essentials that support a whole food plant-based diet.

You can still enjoy your favorite recipes and meals and with our expertise learn how to use healthier ingredients to recreate them.


Your doctor will tell you to eat better and you will see countless advertisements for all kinds of diets but without the proper information and support it can be very intimidating and frustrating to get started.


Our pantry makeover is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to:

1.Eat Better

2.Shop Smarter

3.Save Money

4. Incorporate a wider variety of food groups and flavors into their meals

5.Needs affordable, quick and nutritious snacks, meals and sweets in their home

6. Wants to understand Food Labels and what ingredients are toxic to our bodies

7.Take back control of their health




Who can benefit from this makeover:


Everyone and anyone that wants to integrate healthier food options into their diet.


What will happen when we come to visit:


This makeover will be approximately 1 hour and will include practical and helpful handouts including label guides, grocery shopping guides and food additives to avoid. We will look in your pantry and refrigerator and identify easy swaps for you that in time will become staples in your home.

 We will provide a few recipes that you will be able to try with your new shopping list.


This makeover can be do with anyone in the household that is interested in creating a healthier lifestyle and children are welcome to be present.


 For additional information contact:

 Leslie O’Neill Certified Holistic Health Coach