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Whole Foods Meal Prepping

Whole Foods Meal Prepping

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Great Health Starts on Your Plate and a healthy plate comes from your own kitchen. The fastest way to better health is to create a lifestyle in your own home that supports eating whole foods that are chemical and preservative free.

When you have the right ingredients to work with you do not have to be a seasoned cook to put together a variety of delicious meals. Meal prepping can be a very stressful event for some people and it is our mission to take the stress out of your life by teaching you the secrets for successful meal prep.

Living a healthy lifestyle is easier when you have the knowledge of what ingredients and cooking methods are best for you and your family and how to stock your pantry with the essentials that support a whole food plant-based diet.

You can still enjoy your favorite recipes and meals and with our expertise learn how to use healthier ingredients to recreate them.

Your doctor will tell you to eat better and you will see countless advertisements for all kinds of diets but without the proper information and support it can be very intimidating and frustrating to get started.


What will you get out of your meal prepping coaching session?

1. Smart healthy affordable meals

2. Knowlege of pairing multiple ingredients together in different ways

3. Joy in knowing that you can feed your family for less money then you are spending now. 


4. Self worth and confidence in you ability to take control of your wellness journey. 

What will happen when we come to visit:

 Our time together will be approximately 2 hours  and in that time we will prep and cook multiple meals using whole plant based ingredients along with your favorites. This meal prepping session can be customized to your specific dietary needs including Vegan.  We will show you to cook once and eat multiple meals from the same ingredients.

We want to take the stress and anxiety out of the kitchen where the magic of healthy meals can change the course of your wellness journey. These classes will support your Best Well Self. 

 For additional information contact:

 Leslie O’Neill Certified Holistic Health Coach